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Technical Requirements to the PDF Document

  • dissertation thesis: A1-A10
  • other: A1-A4, A6 is recommended

(Click on the link A1 - A10 for further informations.)

A1       Document properties title and author should be meaningful.

A2       Security options must be disabled.

A3       All used fonts need to be embedded in the document.

A4       The document consists of only one single file.

A5       The page format has to be DIN A4 or A5. The file name follows the pattern dissertation_lastname_firstname.pdf. Allowed are small characters and the hyphen only.

A6       The language of the document is specified.

A7       The layout of the text has to be single-columned, double-sided printable, and the inner margin has to be at least 25 mm.

A8       Bookmarks, icluding numeration if available, at least reflect the table of content.

A9      The appearance after opening is fixed: Bookmarks, which are reduced to the first level, and titlepage in window size. All further pages follow as single pages continuously.

A10    The PDF file contains only objects using device independent RGB color spaces.


(Click on the link D1-D7 for further informations.)

D1       Pictures get additional captions as alternative text.

D2       Citations are linked with the bibliography.

D3       If a reference manager was used the reference database and the output style should be provided to the "AG Elektronisches Publizieren" so that the bibliography can be reproduced.

D4       For footnotes and endnotes links are placed.

D5       Lists of tables and pictures are linked with captions of tables and pictures.

D6       Document property "Stichwörter" or "Keywords" is filled with keywords.

D7       Pictures are clearly captioned, starting for example with "Abbildung", "Abb.", "Figure" or "Fig.".

D8       To ensure optimal double-sided printing of paper copies of the dissertation, page numbers should be placed in the center or, in the case of a mirrored layout, on the outer margins.