KOSMOS Lectures



With the KOSMOS Lecture Series 2019, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin memorizes the unsurpassed, popular KOSMOS lecture of Alexander von Humboldt from 1828/29. The starting point of the lecture series will rather be framed by the lectures actually held by Alexander von Humboldt, and not so much by the later monumental book series in five volumes “„Kosmos: A General Survey of Physical Phenomena of the Universe“ published between 1845 and 1859. Distinguished speakers also known outside their field of research will present to a public audience. Concurrently, and following the tradition of both Humboldt brothers, we open up the university for to the public for scientific debates and the exchange of ideas.

Lectures will relate to Alexander von Humboldt’s topics and approaches from one of his 61 lectures from the winter term 1828/29. Furthermore, speakers will bridge to actual research and might relate to their own recent research with a visionary view on research questions in the 21st century in the same field. The KOSMOS lecture on August 29th 2019 will be an integral part of both KOSMOS lecture and conference held by Anne-Christin Mittwoch. The video from Anne-Christin Mittwoch's lecture is also uploaded here.

All lectures of the KOSMOS lecture series 2019 are recorded and provided online. For further information on overall lectureseries please visit the official KOSMOS Lectures homepage.