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Leibniz Edition Potsdam [The Leibniz Edition Potsdam]

The edition of the political writings of the polymath Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz. Under the responsibility of Prof. Dr. Eberhard Knobloch.

The great polymath Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646–1716) left an extraordinary legacy containing over 200,000 leaves of paper in various formats, from which the Potsdam Leibniz Edition is editing the ‘Political Writings’ as Series IV of the Academy Edition of Leibniz’ works.
The documents in this series range from politics in the strict sense to nearly all areas of human life in society. Justice, rationalism, the universal harmony of opposing interests, and unity in plurality are the guiding principles of Leibniz’ political thought. 
This publication largely presents unpublished writings and letters, and creates the basis for research on Leibniz by providing a historical and critical edition of the texts; secondary collections of select works published all around the world will be based on the Potsdam edition. The edition is published both in print and online.
The ‘Leibniz Edition, Potsdam’ provides services to researchers throughout the world in the field of Leibniz scholarship. It is in continuous contact with the other edition projekts of the other academies (in Berlin, Hannover and Münster) and maintains a wide range of contacts in universities and around the world, so that it can engage the growing international interest in Leibniz’ work and influence.