ICA - CCR European Research Conference Berlin 2019

Cynthia Giagnocavo

Chair of Agriculture

Cooperative Studies and Sustainable Development COEXPHAL-UAL

Faculty of Economics and Business Management

University of Almería, Spain.
foto Cynthia Giagnocavo

Dr. Cynthia Giagnocavo, Cátedra (Chair) of Agriculture, Cooperative Studies and Sustainable Development COEXPHAL-UAL;  Faculty of Economics and Business Management at the University of Almería, Spain. She is currently involved in the internet of things in food and agriculture, digitization transition management and impact, and corresponding agricultural chains. Her research focuses on the intersection of organisational, technical, social, economic and institutional innovation. Areas of study include agricultural and credit cooperatives, innovative business models and collective entrepreneurship and social enterprise. President of the Board of International Co-operative Alliance European Research, she is also a member of the CIRIEC  International Scientific Commission "Social and Cooperative Economy" . She has participated in numerous European and international projects on entrepreneurship, the application of new technologies and digitization processes from a socio-economic perspective, policy initiatives, and cooperative business models for the data economy. She is the principle scientist for H2020 projects SmartAgriHubs (digital innovation hubs)  and NEFERTITI (peer to peer network formation) and participating scientist in Internet of Food and Farm, and FairShare. She is also an experienced Barrister, Solicitor and Attorney qualified in Canada (Ontario), England and Wales and New York State.