Publishing agreement

A publishing agreement is required for publication on edoc-Server. This contract is signed with the Arbeitsgruppe Elektronisches Publizieren as the operator of the edoc server. If research data is also published, a separate contract must be concluded for this. Please note: publishing agreements are only available in German.


Choosing a license

Essential aspects of Open Access are free access to scientific works and the re-use of these. In order to make re-use as free as possible, a work should be published under a free licence (e.g. Creative Commons Licences). With a Creative Commons license, an author can determine the conditions under which his or her work may be reused.

For scientific Open Access publications we recommend CC BY. This license is Open Access compliant and also recommended by research funding bodies such as the

We do not recommend the use of a Creative Commons licence for publications for which exclusive rights have already been granted to publishers (cumulative dissertations or secondary publications).

Cumulative dissertation and secondary publications

In our publication contract, you confirm that you have all necessary rights of use for the publication and its parts. You can find out whether you have been granted rights of use by the publishers for electronic publication as part of your dissertation or as an stand-alone secondary publication in the author agreements or the publisher policies. Further information can be found here:


How to submit the publishing agreement

Print the contract form twice. Please note that only publishing agreements signed by hand will be accepted. Agreements with digital or scanned signatures will not be accepted.

Send the completed and signed copies to the appropriate address:


Dissertation or Habilitation Thesis All other publications
Team D
Unter den Linden 6
10099 Berlin
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
AG Elektronisches Publizieren
Unter den Linden 6
10099 Berlin

You can also bring the contracts to us in person by arrangement. You will receive a signed copy for your records. A publication and the associated delivery of the publication certification for habilitations and dissertations are possible only after conclusion of the contract.


The University Library does not offer legal consultation on open access and copyright issues, but merely provides nonbinding information and assistance in understanding the legal aspects of open access. The information is supplied without liability.