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Course "Interdisciplinary Metropolitan Studies"

City tourism, throughout Europe and indeed worldwide has become a major economic factor, this is also true in Berlin. This can lead to conflicts of interest between local inhabitants and short term visitors, especially in its more recent form, when accommodation and everyday living space is increasingly taken up by a large influx of visitors, as in the example of cities such as Barcelona, Berlin and Bamberg.

We will explore conflict in New Urban Tourism from three diverse disciplinary perspectives of European Ethnology, Geography and Sociology. General questions will be dealt with and particular focus will be on urban change and development, social differences, social justice and equality adaption to new living conditions.

Registration for the block seminar (18th – 19th June 2015) takes place via AGNES and the inaugural meeting will take place on 30/04/2015 at 10am at the Georg-Simmel Center in Room 415 (4th floor).